Thursday, June 28, 2007

Grappling with Blog Issues

1) The blog is currently undergoing a metamorphosis into Blogger's new template, so not all links might be working. Please bear with me while I get it fully up and running in its new form.

2) In order to make the blog content more relevant to you, readers, I will soon be posting a poll on the blog so that I can find out more about your interests and the content you would like to see. Please take the time to respond so I can provide relevant blog content.

3) For some time now I have been thinking about adding AdSense to the blog. I realize that having ads will be distracting to readers, and have avoided it upto now. However posting on this blog takes time, and despite my loftiest intentions I sometimes just don't get around to it on a given day. The addition of AdSense, I thought, would better help me justify the time I put into it. At the same time, it troubles me that AdSense would show 'relevant' ads - i.e. corporate governance related ads that I'm not sure I want to endorse. What if its a corporate governance consulting service? I would feel morally responsible for any such ads that showed up on my blog.
Any thoughts or advice from you, readers?

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