Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Governance Watch Mailbox!

Hi all!

Here's a quick mention of some user comments and emails I've received in the last week or so. I hope to make the mailbox a regular feature (depending of course, on the volume of mail coming in).

James McRitchie, publisher of CorpGov.net wrote in to say he likes the blog. He plans to run for election to CalPERS' board and has a deep interest in corporate governance. We wish him the best of luck!

Prof. Matthias Benz, whose research was quoted in an earlier post, has this to say about Cognex Corp. and this post:
"The example you mention is certainly a nice case for the broader ideas we outline in the paper. There are other implications from public governance for corporate governance which you certainly saw, like competitive elections for board members."

Texan_0109 is concerned that the media's effect on companies improving their corporate governance practices may be temporary.
"But it's done in an effort to show the media they're trying to improve / they've sat up and taken notice .. Does it really improve things in the long run , though ?
When the spotlight's taken away from them , they may go back to the way they were ... "
A valid concern, and something that can definitely be tested. Watch this space - if I do get around to some quick data analysis, I will post the results!

Prof. Tod Perry and Graef Crystal, both quoted in a recent post, stopped by to say "Interesting stuff!".

Thanks for all the comments, corrections, suggestions and compliments, everyone - and keep the emails flowing!

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